Flight attendant shares tip for ‘delicious’ item at ‘high altitudes’ – ‘always order it’

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Plane food doesn’t have the best reputation. But according to a flight attendant one item tastes “delicious” at “high altitudes”.

On Reddit, the flight attendant said: “You should try tomato juice while flying, even if you don’t normally like it.

“Science says it’s more delicious at high altitudes. Seriously, Google it.”

Tomato juice is normally available on planes although it might not be the first choice of drink for most passengers.

It’s often served with salt and pepper and occasionally passengers might choose to make a Bloody Mary with vodka.

One commenter said: “I fly a lot and have noticed this phenomenon. Once someone orders tomato juice, everyone on there orders tomato juice.

“It’s like they’ve never known it was a thing before. I’ve asked the cabin crew about it, and they said the same thing.”

Another said: “I always get tomato juice on planes and since almost no one gets it they give me the whole can.

“Please don’t ruin my secret.”

A tomato juice fan added: “This makes me feel smug. I always order it on planes.”

Another Reddit user said: “From what I’ve read it is because it will lose around 30 percent of its acidity in our taste, that’s why many airlines have tomato juice onboard.

“Many people also believe airline food is s* and it usually is because it’s cheap but it is also true that even if it’s salty on the ground, our body will change how we taste things, due to several different factors.”

Experts say that food does taste different on a plane. The dry cabin air can also affect a passenger’s sense of smell.

That means that food often tastes blander than it does on the ground and could be one reason why many people don’t care for plane food.

In contrast to many foods, tomato juice tastes sweeter in the air as its flavour can be altered by the altitude.

One Reddit user said they thought that all tomato products tasted better on a plane.

They commented: “Normally, I hate tomato soup, tomato juice, any kind of tomatoes that have been pressed, really.

“I had tomato soup whilst on a flight, as it was the only starter option they had, and it was the best soup I’ve ever tasted.

“I didn’t understand why, but at that moment, I really didn’t care.”

However, not everyone agreed. One Reddit user said: “Tomato juice makes me vomit. It triggers a gag reflex.”

Many Reddit users said they were fans of ordering a Bloody Mary on a flight as it just tasted better than other alcoholic options.

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