Flight attendant shares why flying on Christmas Day is ‘better and more fun’ for passenger

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Miguel Muñoz, a flight attendant who has been flying the skies for over six years, shared his experience flying on Christmas Day.

He explained: “I’ve spent a few Christmas Eve and Christmas Days on the plane.

“I personally didn’t mind working on those days just because I knew the day was going to be better and more fun.”

Miguel revealed that when flying during the festivities, flight attendants can request specific flights or choose who they want to fly with.

“You don’t really feel like you’re going to work because you know in advance who you are flying with.

“On Christmas Day, we all were very into the Christmas spirit.

“All the normal and safety procedures were conducted as normal, of course, but work wise is better as everyone is happy and in a good mood.

“We filled the food and drinks trolley with Christmas decorations.

“When we were boarding we played Christmas songs, it was really good.

“Despite having to work on Christmas Day, all the crew was very happy and in good spirits.

“No one really goes to work with a negative mindset thinking ‘how annoying, I’m working on this day’ but more ‘how cool because it’s going to be such a fun day’.”

But what about the passengers?

Miguel said: “On Christmas Day, the plane is obviously not full. It’s actually half empty, and passengers are never travelling with their family.

“Quite the opposite. You can tell all passengers are travelling solo for business or work reasons.

“Or they are flying back home to spend Christmas with their families after a work trip.

“I also noticed there were people from other religions. And for them, it’s not a special day so they travel as if it was any other day.

“They may have been going on holidays, or whatever reason they had to travel, it’s not a special day for them at all.

“We didn’t really give these passengers a special treatment that day, though.

“Apart from being more festive, having the aisle and galleys decorated, playing songs and wishing Merry Christmas all day long, there was no better treatment or freebies, really. But the overall experience was just better. Everyone was happy.

“I also have to say there aren’t many flights on Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve, especially not short-haul flights.

“There’s usually more transatlantic flight on those days,” he said.

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