Flight attendants say annoying passenger habits are among worst parts of the job

Plenty of us have thought about becoming a flight attendant before – after all, it involves getting paid to travel the world!

But, it seems while for some cabin crew the life is filled with fabulous trips and glamorous uniforms, the industry isn’t perfect.

Of course, we can all imagine there are some passengers who are annoying; whether they cut their toenails on-board, get too drunk or even track you down on the internet customer-facing jobs are never easy.

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Love Island star Lucinda Stafford previously told the Star she quit because the job "wasn’t as glamorous as expected" amongst a number of reasons.

Flight attendants have now revealed some of the worst parts of their jobs – and why some even decided to quit.

Check out what they revealed below…

1. No real freedom

Model Alexia Grace, 22, left the airline industry because she found she didn’t get to travel the world enough.

It seems at odds with the job but Alexia, who now makes £40K a month on OnlyFans, claims she didn’t have “proper freedom” to explore the places she landed.

Alexia claims only those working international jobs a lot or who have seniority get the best posts.

While that may not be true for every airline it was enough to make her leave the industry completely…

2. Working for free

Jay Roberts asked flight attendants around the world via his popular Fly Guy's Cabin Crew Lounge network what they most hated about their job, reports the DailyMail.

He wrote: “It's no secret most pilots earn the big bucks working up the front.

“However, many are unaware that down the back, the flight attendants who are busy during boarding saying good morning and helping you deal with your seating and luggage issues are doing so for free.

“A common practice at airlines is to pay the crew only when the door closes or when the brakes are released on pushback.

“Like passengers, crew hate delays, but unlike passengers who are there on their own will, your crew is waiting around at work and not getting paid for it.”

3. Annoying passengers

As we predicted, disobedient customers are also one of the cons of airline work.

Paul Alpant Reavey, a former flight attendant and Mr Plane Guy on social media explained the big mistakes people make.

He said: "Don’t over drink and ask the crew for more drinks, then ask different crew when they say no, you think we don’t talk to one another?

"Don’t get drunk on a plane, it's not cool and you will feel like c**p getting off. Don’t start doing the ‘downward dog' in the middle of the galley.

"People start doing stretches and full on aerobics in the galley when we are trying to work in a small confined kitchen/galley area, organising and giving out drinks and food for 200-300 passengers while 42c is doing legs, bums and tums."

Paul added: “Don’t stack the meal trays when you have finished your meal, you think it might be helping but it really isn’t.

"The trays have to be placed back in the trolley the way they came out, one at a time. If they are stacked you have to unstack them, getting chicken and beef all over you.”

4. Loneliness

Apparently many flight attendant struggle with feelings of loneliness.

Jay said: “It seems hard to believe that someone who spends most of their days confined in a small tube in the sky with hundreds of people could feel so alone.

“But the truth is when the buh-byes finish, we are isolated in our hotel rooms in far-off lands away from our homes and support networks.”

This was backed up by cabin crew member Liz who said: "This job keeps you away from home a lot of the time for some that’s three days at a time, for others it’s three weeks or more and that might mean missing birthdays, holidays and anniversaries.

“Being away from home so much means missing out on quality time with your loved ones which may put a strain on your relationships.

“You’re going to have to have some tough conversations with people and work out a schedule that works for you.”

5. Exhausting schedules

Jay claims the most popular downside of the job when he asked was the fatigue.

He noted: “An appropriate synonym for flight attendant could be fatigue attendant, because every flight attendant I've ever known is constantly trying to attend to their fatigue.

“It's a battle few ever win.

“The more time zones we cross, the more jetlag we amass, and at some point in our careers, we give up and learn to live with an overdrawn account in our sleep bank.

“The exhaustion can be so severe it's not uncommon to walk into the walls of our hotel rooms when we get up to use the restroom during our deep-death-like sleep.

“Most flight attendants we asked echoed this experience, saying many times on trips, they wake up not knowing where they are, what day, month, or even year it is.”

Have you ever been a flight attendant? Tell us your cabin secrets, tricks and hacks at [email protected].


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