Flight attendants treat kind passenger ‘like celeb’ after handing out Xmas gifts

A flight passenger was given a business class experience after she showered the entire crew with heartfelt Christmas gifts.

Whitney Steel, from Australia, said it was one of her best days in he life after flying out on December 25 to visit her partner in South Africa in 2019.

The long haul flight took her from Melbourne to Dubai, then from Dubai to her destination, Cape Town.

Sharing her Christmas story online, Whitney recalled she spent about $100 aud (£54) on gifts to thank all the flight attendants for working on the holiday.

She said: "I hand-wrote and personalised each of the 40 cards so they felt it was just for them.

"They were so shocked and overwhelmed."

Ashley also revealed that the gifts were mostly a Christmas card, a lip balm, a pair of eye masks and a piece of chocolate.

In the card, she wrote: "Hello lovely, thank you for getting us across the globe on Christmas Day. Without you, I wouldn't get to see my love on the other side.

"Never underestimate the impact you have on passengers' lives."

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And to her surprise, the crew thanked her by upgrading her in-flight meals.

"They treated me like a celebrity, they kept coming to bring me business class desserts and champagne," she added.

"The second flight to Cape Town, they surprised me with a party in the Business class lounge.

"If you were one of the Emirates staff working on December 25, 2019, I'll always cherish this memory!"

Ashley's video inspired her viewers to do something similar and some asked how she dispersed the gifts.

She explained that she was a frequent traveller because of work, adding: "When you travel a lot, you start to get to know the schedules and how the routine of things that happen on long haul flights."

She said it's best to give out the gifts after a meal because the flight attendants would have finished clearing the trays.

"I was on a A380 and it's double-decked, so I went upstairs, there's a kitchen and a big galley where they used to service first class and business class passengers," she continued.

"They gave me the look of death until I handed out the gifts and their faces just lit up."

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