Flight attendants use secret codeword to reassure frightened passengers

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Have you ever heard a flight attendant using a phrase you've never heard before?

During a shift, the cabin crew staff and pilot tend to use codewords to be able to communicate with one another.

In some circumstances, the workers onboard have to deal with flight turbulence which they simply can't control.

However, some passengers who are afraid to fly might find it difficult to deal with a journey when it's a bit rocky.

And that's when the flight attendants use a special word to communicate with each other to not alert the people onboard.

In this case, cabin crew staff might use "Air Pocket" to warn each other that a disturbance could be expected.

The term refers to turbulence but may help reassure those who find flying scary or an anxious experience.

So the next time you hear the pilot talking about an air pocket, just know that the journey might be a little bit bumpy.

Previously, cabin crew staff detailed an emergency trick that "passengers don't know" about.

One anonymous flight attendant shared the information on Reddit dedicated to flight secrets.

The staff member explained passengers should "count the seat backs to the closest exit".

This is because people have a "good chance" they won't be able to see the seats in some types of accidents in the air.

The cabin crew staff said: "Count how many rows you are away from an exit as you might not be able to see them due to smoke, etc.

"So using the number of rows to get to them faster than searching blindly."

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