Flight attendants warn passengers to always keep their shoes on when flying

There are plenty of annoying things fellow passengers do during a flight which can really wind others up.

Some holidaymakers demand you swap seats with them while others talk loudly while you’re trying to sleep.

However, one of the most unpleasant actions a fellow flyer can take is to strip off their shoes and socks.

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Sitting with someone’s bare feet out next to you would gross out most Brits – and some of those who decide to get their toes out even wander around the plane without shoes.

However, flight attendants have warned anyone who does this that it’s not just rude, but unhygienic.

Leysha Perez, a regional flight attendant, told Insider: "It's not water that you're seeing on the bathroom floor sometimes. It's probably bodily fluids that you're walking in."

In fact, another flight attendant previously told Daily Star that cleaning the loos “isn’t always possible”.

She said: "Generally, the cubicles get a quick wipe down straight before a flight.

"Then during the flight, they tend to be checked every half an hour or so but again, if there are more urgent things going on, checking on the cleanliness of the loos can fall down the priority list."

She also noted that due to the high chance of unbalance and people missing the toilet bowl, there could be urine on the floor.

A US-based cabin crew member commented: "For the love of all things, wear shoes. Walking throughout the aircraft barefoot or even with socks is disgusting."

Public health professor Jagdish Khubchandani added: "On long-duration flights, I have noticed people ― often, kids ― walk barefoot towards or into the bathroom.

"This is a very unhygienic tendency with potential for infection if someone has skin cuts and injuries on their foot."

Nobody wants to get an infection caused by someone else’s wee… so keep your shoes on.


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