Flights: Plane passenger repulses with disgusting and intrusive move using this body part

Flights can be made less pleasant when those around you behave poorly. Some plane passengers have very little regard for what is and isn’t acceptable in public. One man’s actions have gone viral after being shared to Instagram.


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Instagram account passengershaming posted a photo of the nasty incident.

The image was snapped by a passenger who appears to have been two rows in front.

However, there was no hiding what the man was up to.

He has decided to spread far beyond the space allocated to him.

The man’s face cannot be seen in the snap – but a certain body part definitely can.

His leg has been lifted up and pushed right throughout the gap between the seats.

The limb is resting on the armrest of the seat in front.

It’s also leaning against the tray table – off which people eat.

To make matters so much worse, the man’s leg is bare and he has removed his shoes and socks.

Consequently, it’s his naked foot which is pressing against the armrest and table – and there’s no knowing how clean is is.

The seats either side of the protruding leg appear to be empty.

However, a bottle of water stands on the tray table – just inches away from the man’s naked toes.


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Instagram users were horrified by the photo of the plane passenger.

The took to social media to share their thoughts on his actions.

“Cover that hoof up and put it back in the seat with YOU,” one person wrote.

Others suggested what they would have done in retaliation if faced with this during a flight.

“I would ask for a hot coffee… then spill it all over his disgusting foot!” one commented.

“Close the tray and watch him suffer,” another contributed.

A third Instagram user offered: “Tickle it with something stingy.”

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