France holidays: Do I have to self isolate if I go to France?

France attracts about 17 million Brits a year but this year the tourism industry in France has suffered at the hands of the coronavirus pandemic. While UK citizens are still allowed into France, the country has seen 4,854 new coronavirus cases between August 8 and August 10 alone leaving holidaymakers uncertain about the fate of their French holiday.

Do I have to self isolate if I go to France?

The UK’s travel corridor list is made up of countries that the UK Government deems safe to travel to without needing to self-isolate on return.

At the moment this list includes France so you do not need to self isolate in France or when you get home.

However, the Government uses the infection rate of countries to determine whether or not to include it on the travel corridor list.

France’s infection rate is at about 29 per 100,000, a higher rate than the UK’s 17 per 100,000.

This figure is above the level that the Joint Biosecurity Centre considers “high prevalence”.

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A staggering 2,524 cases were reported in France on Wednesday.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex has said the situation with the virus in France is “going the wrong way.”

The UK Government is due to review the quarantine situation tonight, so France could be added to the quarantine list in light of the covid situation in the country.

The Government’s covid cabinet, which is chaired by Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove, discussed bringing in a mandatory 14 day quarantine on travellers arriving from France yesterday.

However, the news on the quarantine rules may not be released for a few more days.

A source said: “As we speak now France is probably just shy of crossing the line but it’s certainly right on the cusp.

“It’s such a huge call it’s likely that they might want to wait a few more days and get some more data.”

Boris Johnson has previously warned the nation that the Government will “not hesitate” to impose restrictions as soon as necessary.

So it could even be a last minute announcement.

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At the moment, travellers arriving in France from the UK and a list of other countries are not required to self isolate.

Arrivals from other countries will be subject to compulsory self-isolation for 14 days on arrival in mainland France unless arriving with a negative RT-PCT test taken in the 72 hours before arrival.

However, those with trips to France booked are being warned to keep checking the FCO advice.

Health Minister Helen Whateley said: “With France, we have to keep it under review and I would say to people just keep an eye if you are planning a holiday – keep an eye on the Foreign Office advice and be clear on your insurance terms and conditions,” she told Talk Radio.

“We took action in Spain when we saw the rates going up there rapidly.”

French holidays aren’t the only holidays at risk, a number of other countries are at risk of being taken off the FCO’s travel corridor list.

The Netherlands, Gibraltar, Monaco, Malta, San Marino, the Faroe Islands, Turks and Caicos, and Aruba all have even higher infection rates than France.

The Netherlands has a rate of 34 per 100,000, and Malta’s is 61.6 per 100,000.

Brits will need to wait until the review to know for sure which countries are off-limits and which are considered safe.

However, Downing Street has repeatedly commented that “there is no risk-free way of travelling overseas,” and restrictions could be placed on travel at any moment.

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