From chilli to gin: Welsh town puts spin on classic stick of rock flavours

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Down in the picturesque harbour town of Tenby in southwest Wales, visitors can try out unusual options of the iconic boiled candy. The stand-out flavours for daring customers include takes on popular savoury meals such as chill garlic bread and chilli.

Those preferring a sweeter variant of the peppermint sweet can also choose from Creme Egg, Iron Brew and prosecco.

Marmite is the most sought after stick of rock flavour in store but whether it is more loved or hated will be down to your own personal food critique.

Here is a list of the other eye-catching stick of rock flavours to nibble on – if you dare – if passing through this Welsh seatown this summer:

Fish and Chips

You can’t say you’ve been beside the seaside without having a bag of chips and battered fish. We wonder whether there are hints of salt and vinegar hidden within the colourful sugariness.


The famous Italian food staple gets a makeover, British style. Several flavours may leave your tastebuds guessing if there maybe cheese, pepperoni and tomato.

Hot Chilli

This one should be nominated for the adventurous one in your travel group, the question is where will it rank one the spice scale, a jalepeno or ghost chilli peppers?

Gin and tonic

Probably the most ‘normal’ flavour of the bunch this could be a refreshing substitute to the real tipple. Let’s hope that the cucumber and the lemon tonic water balance well with the juniper berries.


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