GO NZ: How to take better landscape photos of New Zealand

Holidays in New Zealand are worth remembering forever. Kiwi landscape photographer Rach Stewart has some tips on how to capture those memories on camera.

1. Research ahead

Seeing a beautiful landscape shot on Instagram can inspire us to want to go to that place, and New Zealand offers a plethora of possibilities. I think it is important to try to go with the intention of composing something “new” but it pays to do some research beforehand via Google Earth and searching images online so you can see what compositions are available.

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2. Scale

Sometimes when creating a dramatic image it all comes down to scale. If you are looking to create a scene with big impact it’s time to get out that zoom lens and get a friend (or yourself) into your scene. There is nothing better for showing just how incredible nature is than by placing a human into the picture. It’s incredible how tiny we are compared to the amazing surroundings that are presented to us. A zoom lens will create a compression effect for example, making those snowy mountains look huge, or bring the scene in closer than it appears to the naked eye.

3. Golden and blue hours

Although it can be difficult getting up for the blue hour and sunrise, the effort is rewarded when you see the results afterwards. Blue hour, both the early morning and at night, can have a dreamy effect on any scene, whether it be at the beach, the mountains, or lakes. Golden hour can create some truly beautiful light, changing colours from pink to peach to that gorgeous soft golden colour within a matter of minutes.

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