Google Maps: Near-nude man shocks viewers with brazen public display in park

Google Maps Street View is a handy tool which can help users navigate their way around far off lands, or map a new route from A to B with street-level precision. However, it is also increasingly being used to discover some of the more weird and wonderful happenings that the globe has to offer.


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One such incident was spotted in a public park in Poland, where an older man left onlookers feeling quite aghast.

The scene unfolds on a sunny day in a busy park, where a man can be seen relaxing on a park bench.

He seems to be enjoying the pleasant day, clearly hoping to soak up the most of the sun’s rays.

Sat in a cross-legged position with his arms folded across his chest, the man seems to have not a care in the world.

This may seem surprising when you take into consideration his choice of outfit.

Indeed, the man is wearing just a pair of grey underpants and a silver wristwatch.

An ensemble that may leave some red-cheeked in public, it doesn’t seem to have bothered this man at all.

What makes the scene even more bizarre is that the man doesn’t even have on a pair of shoes, and it proudly sat barefoot on the bench.

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His clothes, meanwhile, sit folded on the side of the bench.

It is likely he arrived at the park fully clothes and then proceeded to strip down to his underpants in full display of passersby.

The user who happened upon the moment shared it on Reddit, saying: “Found this almost naked man just chilling on a park bench in Poland.”

Other users were quick to add comments to the piece, some making jokes.


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One said: “Don’t bother the dude, he’s just catching a tan. And a cold.”

Meanwhile, another bantered: “Can’t a man get some sun in peace?”

Someone else echoed: “Let him chill.”

Indeed, the last thing he probably wanted was someone to snap his photograph.

Though this man may have been comfortable to boldly strip down to his pants anonymously, he may not have realised he was being captured on camera.

The good news is, while the man’s bold statement may be housed on Google Maps StreetView forever, his identity is well concealed.

As part of Google’s privacy policy, all faces are blurred to protect the identity of people captured on the application.

According to Google: “We have developed cutting-edge face and license plate blurring technology that is designed to blur identifiable faces and license plates within Google-contributed imagery in Street View.”

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