Google Maps: Rare car seen in street and shocks viewers

Google Maps is a tool in which people can use to navigate the world. More recently it has been used to discover some of the world’s most mysterious sightings which leaves google maps user’s questioning what they are seeing.


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This is definitely the case for this car seen in America which shocks Google Maps user’s. 

It is set in the area of Mountain Home which is a city in Arkansas. 

The scene is set on a normal road in the city with the sun shining overhead.

Nothing seems to be out of the ordinary and all the cars around look normal.

Except for this one which is black in colour but it is hard to tell the make of the car. 

While the number plate is blurred due to Google’s privacy reasons, Reddit user’s say that this car is an unusual make.

It has been pictured with six wheels, something which Reddit user’s claim is very rare and not a usual type for this car. 

From afar the car genuinely looks like it is a rare type of car.

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However, on closer inspection, it appears that the car has become stuck in a glitch. 

You can tell this because unlike other glitches, this one appears to have a bad stitching issue which makes the glitch obvious. 

Towards the middle of the car there is double of the back door, and the clouds in the window reflecting are the same shape. 

Glitches are fairly common on Google Maps Street View.


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Google Maps creates the images by stitching together the 360 image sets submitted by users, meaning small errors can easily occur. 

The camera took one image as the object was beginning to pass into frame and then took an adjacent shot after the object had passed through the frame and the two images were joined together. 

This isn’t the first time a car like this has been spotted on Google Maps. 

A rare Range Rover was pictured on the streets of Toronto in Canada. 

The sighting left Reddit users amused by the results. 

One shocked user posted the image to Reddit to see if any other users had any idea if the image of a Range Rover with six wheels was a glitch or a new range.

Eager Reddit user Zagorn wrote: “Secret new six wheeled Land Rover sighted,” alongside a winking face.

One user replied: “That’s one of the cleanest glitches I’ve seen, almost looks real.”

Adapted and customised Land Rover vehicles are not an unusual sight. The Land Rover Defender is amongst the most adapted vehicles ever.

Customised Land Rover vehicles are popular amongst the owners of the car.

It would seem that a six wheeled stretch version of the Land Rover Defender does exist and costs around £125,000.

However the Range Rover appearing on Google Maps Street View appears to be a glitch caught at that moment in time.

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