Google Maps Street View: Two men shock with cheeky moves caught on camera

Google Maps Street View is a handy tool that helps users navigate their way around the world from the comfort of their own home. Using virtual technology, it captures street-level images and then collates them into a moveable map.


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While this offers the opportunity to explore tourist sites and famous landmarks, it also occasionally picks up more unexpected features of street life.

A Reddit user recently spotted the moment a man decided to make a rather cheeky move while standing outside a hotel.

The image, which was spotted outside of a hotel on Main Street of Balboa Pier in Newport Beach, California.

The man, who is dressed in beige trousers and a black T-shirt seems to have spotted the Google Car nearby.

He is accompanied by a long-haired friend, dressed all in black, who also appears to have noticed the car.

Whether to gain the attention of the driver or simply to get a laugh, the man decided to pull a rude move.

Raising up both of his arms, one of the pedestrians is using his hands to make two vulgar hand symbols.

The man accompanying him also seems to take inspiration from the move.

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When clicking further along the road the Google user can watch the scene unfold.

As the Google car drives past the two men, the second can be seen raising one of his arms in union with his friend.

He also decided to make a rude gesture at the car.

Though it is uncertain how the driver responded, viewers on Reddit showed mixed emotions to the scene.


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Some onlookers saw the humour in the situation and even applauded the man’s move.

“Please find these guys and congratulate them!” wrote one viewer.

Another described them as “amazing.”

However, there were plenty of commenters who were left unimpressed by the image.

One shocked viewer wrote: “Wow they sure showed that Google driver by flipping him off.”

A second said: “I’m not sure where the amazing-ness comes in when being mindlessly vulgar.”

There were commenters who jumped to the man’s defence too.

A Reddit user wrote concluded they were “just having fun”.

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