Greece: FCO issues major update on Passenger Locator Forms after tourists are turned away

The FCO has updated its advice on filling out a Passenger Locator Form (PLF) before travelling to Greece. The country is requiring Britons and other holidaymakers from foreign countries to fill out a PLF 24 hours before they travel. The move is being reinforced with fines of €500 or Greek authorities not allowing travellers entry to the country. The FCO website states that those travelling with people outside of their household need to fill out their own forms.

But if you’re travelling together as a household, the Greek authorities are requiring one form with all adults and children from that household included on it.

It explains: “You can add additional members of your household at the top of the form before you submit.”

It continues: “However, some airlines may require individual PLFs for every traveller over the age of 18 within the same household.

“You should check directly with your airline what you will need to show in order to be allowed boarding. Remember that you will need to complete PLFs at least 24 hours before your flight.

“This is a requirement whichever way you travel to Greece (including by ferry, road, rail or air). The form is in English.

“Once you have completed the form, you will receive an email acknowledgement. In a separate email, you will also receive a QR code.

“This code is likely to be sent up to 24 hours before you travel, regardless of how early you fill in your form. When you receive your code, make sure you either print it, or can show it on your mobile phone.

“If you are travelling by air to Greece, your airline will ask you to prove that you have completed the PLF form. You should print or show (e.g. on your phone) your email confirming submission of the form (or the QR code you have subsequently received). Failure to do so could result in you being refused boarding to the flight.”

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Those travelling via ferry to Greece need to complete an additional form alongside a PLF.

“If you are travelling by ferry to Greece, the ferry operator will ask you to complete an additional form (‘Pre Boarding Information’), alongside your PLF,” it states.

“This additional form will be provided by the ferry operator, either via their website, or at booking offices: you should contact them directly if you need further information.”

On arrival in Greece by land, sea or air, travellers will need to show their QR codes to the Greek authorities.

A printed or digital copy of the QR code is acceptable.

However, in recent weeks some Britons have been left confused over Greece’s passenger locator forms.

Some have even been forced to spend more money on new flights after being caught out by the new rules.

Others have blamed airlines for not providing proper guidance on the forms.

It comes as Wizz Air turned away 28 passengers on one flight from Luton to Athens for failing to fill out the forms properly.

Some passengers had not filled out their middle names on the form which meant they were turned away from boarding the plane.

The form says that entering a middle name is “optional”.

However, Wizz Air believed that this was a compulsory requirement and refused to let those who had not filled it in board the plane.

Travellers expressed their grievances regarding the PLF forms on Twitter.

One user tweeted Wizz Air: “@wizzair today you denied my family of 4 permission to travel to Greece from Luton because we didn’t fill in PLF form properly.

“Not our fault, we new this would raise a concern but nothing we could do to fix it. How to apply for reimbursement?”

Another said: “This is incredible. I recently flew to Greece with Jet2, I don’t recall including our middle initials on the form.

“The Greeks were just interested in the QR code which indicated if you would be tested.”

Following the incident, a spokeswoman for Wizz Air said that the holidaymakers were not allowed to board a “result of having no Passenger Locator Form (PLF), mistakes on their form, or insufficient detail on their form, such as missing middle names.”

Wizz Air has since apologised and said that those affected by the error will be offered compensation and the option to rebook their ticket or get a refund.

A spokeswoman for Wizz Air added: “As a matter of priority, the airline is investigating whether any passengers were wrongfully denied carriage on the W9 4467 flight as a result of not including a middle name on their PLF, despite correctly completing the rest of the form.

“Should there be any affected passengers, Wizz Air will contact them directly to apologise and offer the relevant compensation, as well as the options of rebooking or refunding their ticket.”

Visit Greece has been contacted for comment.

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