Holidays: New ‘sanitation filter’ can show how clean your hotel room is – before you book

As summer travel becomes a reality, rather than a distant dream, bookings have begun to pick back up again across a number of sites. But it seems that potential holidaymakers have a new priority when booking breaks away. Rather than looking just at price and destination, many holidaymakers are now prioritising cleanliness.


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Bookings site CuddlyNest has introduced an innovative new coronavirus sanitation filter to help bookers choose accommodation.

CuddlyNest, which is in its fourth year, is based in Orlando, Florida and is a booking platform for all accommodation types for all travellers anywhere in the world.

It is currently offering over a million accommodations worldwide.

The company’s mission is to offer all travellers all accommodations at an unbeatable price.

CuddlyNest Partner and COO, Ritesh Raj spoke exclusively to about the new filter and how they have been impacted by the pandemic.

“Being in the travel industry, we are for sure very much effected like everybody else,” explained Raj.

“We have been trying to stay above the water.

“We have launched tonnes of new features.”

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One of their new features, which will be launched in the autumn, is a sanitation filter which allows guests to check if the accommodation that they would like to book has been properly disinfected in the last 48 or 72 hours.

“We take our property owners and guests very seriously,” Raj continued.

“What we wanted to do was make the bookers and the potential guests aware of what type of place they’re booking in terms of the hygiene standards.

“On the listing it will say how long ago the property was cleaned.

“But it can also tell you when the last guest left.

“It can tell you for sure if it has been at least 48 hours or 72 hours since the place was cleaned.

“It can tell you that over the last few days nobody has been in and nobody has been out.”

This filter will be applied to all accommodations listed on our website and will be popular with guests.

Raj continued: “ “We’re not doing anything new.

“The owners knew this information but they never had this urgency to share it or the need to share it.

“People want to know that.”

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