Holidays: Package holidays could double in price after coronavirus warns expert

Holidays currently face much uncertainty due to the coronavirus crisis. Many Britons have been left frustrated and wondering when they can go abroad again. At the moment, Britons are not allowed to travel unless for “essential” reasons.


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No one quite knows what the future of the travel industry holds.

One expert has predicted that package holidays will become more expensive.

In fact, such trips could double in price.

“It’s likely the cost of overseas package deals will double,” Martyn James, of consumer website Resolver, told The Mirror.

Not only will they be more expensive, but package holidays will also be pretty different.

James cautioned that many elements of such a break travellers love might simply not exist any more.

“Even when [customers] get to their hotel, there will be no buffet and all kinds of limitations around the pool,” he said.

There’s debate over whether airline prices will rise, adding to the hike in package holiday prices.

Some aviation experts predict that there could be as much as a 30 percent rise in flight prices if airlines have to block out the middle seat to allow for social distancing.

However, Ryanair have claimed the opposite will happen.

In the airline’s latest update, Ryanair said they believe airline price wars will take place.

“When Group airlines return to scheduled flying from July, the competitive landscape in Europe will be distorted by unprecedented quantums of State Aid (in breach of EU rules) under which over €30bn has been gifted to the Lufthansa Group, Air France-KLM, Alitalia, SAS and Norwegian among others,” said the carrier in a statement.


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“We therefore expect that traffic on reduced flight schedules will be subject to significant price discounting, and below cost selling, from these flag carriers with huge State Aid war chests.”

Travel expert Simon Calder has shared his insight into when he thinks Britons will be able to travel again.

He explained that people in the travel industry are predicting that holidays in the UK may not be allowed until June.

Calder said: “Talking to people in the travel industry, they’re expecting that to be lifted at least in England perhaps around early June.

“Lots of caravan sites are saying they’re planning to open in July.

“So you can start dreaming about it, you can even start booking but be warned that quite a lot of accommodation providers are entirely reasonably going to say ‘if you can’t get here because of Government restrictions then we’re not going to give you a refund in cash, we will allow you to postpone your booking until later in the year or maybe 2021’.

“You can’t be absolutely certain that you’ll get your cash back just because you can’t get there.”

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