Holidays: What Britons wanting an autumn or winter holiday must do this year

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Holidays 2020 are unlike any getaways most people have ever known. What with destinations regularly hopping on and off the government ‘safe’ list and the constant slathering of hand sanitiser at airports and hotels, travel is not what it used to be. It’s vital jet-setters think ahead when planning a holiday.

Travel risk expert Lloyd Figgins, Chairman of the Travel Risk & Incident Prevention Group, has shared his travel advice to help those hoping to book somewhere this autumn and winter.

“The travel industry has never faced a greater challenge than COVID-19 and many tour operators will be out of business before next summer as a direct result of the pandemic,” Figgins told

“This increases the requirement for would-be travellers to do their research before deciding who to book with.

This is what Figgins says tourists must do when travelling during these uncertain times.

Book a package holiday

First of all, make sure you book your holiday with a reputable tour operator.

A package which includes flights and accommodation offers you more protection if your tour operator goes bust, or your holiday is cancelled.

Make sure they are ATOL protected, as this scheme was set up to protect the consumer. Cheap is not always best.

Check the FCDO Advice

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office can change its advice at very short notice.

Make sure you’re up to date with the advice they are giving about your intended destination.

Reputable tour operators will refund passengers if the FCDO advises against travel to the destination you have booked.

Get Insured

Make sure your travel insurance policy covers you for all the essentials.

This should include luggage loss, medical expenses and repatriation should you need it.

Some insurers are offering “COVID Cover” but check the small print before you buy to see exactly what’s included.

Consider destinations

Without the use of a crystal ball, it’s almost impossible to predict which countries will be open to travel in the coming months.

Which is why booking with the right tour operator is important so that if your trip is cancelled, you can get a refund or be offered an alternative destination.

Until we have airport testing in place, we will continue to see countries opening up and then closing back down again.

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