Hotels open: Experts reveal best way to book UK hotel stays for summer holidays

Hotel holidays can make for a very luxurious and relaxing break indeed. Many Britons will be looking forward to heading off to hotels once lockdown restrictions are eased. But what’s the best way of going about booking such holidays?


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Britons will likely want to choose a destination and hotel where they will feel safe during these still fairly uncertain times. spoke to hotel experts to find out their top tips and travel advice for booking summer holidays.

“Look for somewhere you feel safe, somewhere quiet and somewhere where you can relax, unwind and recuperate after the past few months of lockdown,” advised Ian Crighton, General Manager of country house hotel The Eastbury in Sherborne.

It can be helpful to find out what post-coronavirus measures the property has in place.

“Look at how the hotel plans to welcome you back safely,” suggested Crighton.

“Look for countryside hotels that allow you to get away from the crowds expected in cities and at the coastal resorts.

“Does the hotel have accommodation with private entrances and do they offer room service?”

Hotels are set to operate quite differently in the future – so what can guests expect?

“Guest reassurance is key,” Crighton explained.

“A well thought out procedure for keeping guests and staff safe is essential and expected.

“Restaurants will offer socially distanced dining with pre-bookings only and menus offering a reduced number of quality dishes.

“Bedrooms will be deep cleaned and sanitised between each guest stay and hand sanitiser stations readily available throughout the hotel, however the personal and exemplary guest experience must remain the number one priority for the hotel.”


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Jake Andreou, General Manager at Surrey country pub the Merry Harriers, added: “This is an extremely challenging time for any hotel.

“There are so many new things we need to think about in terms of still giving the best experience we can whilst still keeping the guests and staff safe.

“The main point I always look for when I stay away is customer interaction and how welcome I feel to the property.

“This has now become an even bigger challenge with social distancing Perspex screens and face masks but in hospitality it’s all about show business and we continue to perform to our absolute best.”

As for when to start booking, Crighton recommends doing it as soon as possible.

“Right now is a great time to book a UK-based summer holiday,” he said.

“Hotels have been closed since March and with the pent up demand from those who have been in lockdown for the same length of time, most hotels expect an extremely busy summer with summer bookings selling out fast.

“If you have somewhere in mind, I would say book it today. Most hotels will gladly move booked July dates to a later date should hotels not open on July 4 as expected.”

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