Huge spa has nine pools, a beach and 16 waterslides – and costs just £26 a day

If you love to visit spas then you’ll know they can be expensive. Even just a day at a UK spa without any treatments can cost upwards of £100.

Luckily, for anyone willing to travel abroad, one of the biggest spas on the continent costs just £26 a day for access to all of its incredible pools, saunas and even a waterpark.

Therme Bucharest, in Romania, has nine pools, 10 saunas, 16 waterslides and some unusual steam rooms and hammams you’re unlikely to have experienced elsewhere.

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Instagram creator @loulouexplores went viral after sharing videos of the amazing spa online. She showed off the many pools, relaxation areas, and tropical plants that make the spa seem like a holiday paradise.

One of the biggest draws is the various saunas. Sitting in the steamy rooms can be a bit boring for some, but that’s not an issue at Therme.

The Hollywood sauna lets you watch films while you relax and another room plays David Attenborough documentaries. There’s also a bright pink sauna made from Himalayan salt that’s perfect for selfies and the salt’s healing properties.

The Moroccan themed sauna flaunts traditional tiles in a beautiful North African style. The Amazon sauna is surrounded by plants as is the rainforest sauna where water drips from luscious leaves.

There’s a Herbal Essences sauna, a Bavarian sauna, Provence sauna, Oriental Garden sauna and a tropical rain sauna, so you can feel like you’re travelling around the world by sauna!

You can also choose to have different things infused into your sauna steam – from citrus, herbs and botanicals to incense, spices and florals. Plus, there are various scrubs, masks, guided meditations, light effects and sound baths to choose from.

On top of this there are infrared light beds, mineral pools, treatment rooms and a calla shower where water gushes down from an enormous feature shaped like lilies.

Massages on offer include Swedish, hot stones, cupping, bamboo, marble and apothecary massages – and they cost from just 160lei (£27). Plus there are facials, breathing sessions, water therapies, aqua aerobics and mother and baby sessions.

But, it doesn’t stop there. There are a number of outdoor parks and lounges to drink and dine in. Plus, the Sands of Therme is an actual beach where you can sun bathe.

A Feng Shui park will make you feel at balance while you can also hit up the hammocks on The Island. There are hydromassage beds, an outdoor terrace with a warm pool and a family lounge.

The spa is split into three different areas – The Palm, Elysium and Galaxy. Galaxy is the family friendly area where families are welcomed and photos or video are banned.

Those who don’t want to relax should definitely head to Galaxy where there’s a water playground and incredible waterslides including some in pitch black, inflatable ring rides, a wave pool, an outdoor slide, a racing slide and multiple other thrill seeking experiences. Little ones will also love the sweets and snacks bar.

Some rides and slides are for children only. There’s also an outdoor playground for them to enjoy too.

The best part about Therme Bucharest is its £26 price point – a real bargain for a spa and waterpark all in one. Children and students do get cheaper tickets and you can buy access to the three parts of the spa separately if you're only after one kind of experience.

Plus, flights to the city aren’t all that expensive. Skyscanner sells return flights to Bucharest from £34. You can get a bus to the spa from the city or an Uber for around £13.

On TripAdvisor, over 1,000 have raved about the spa. An Irish poster said: "Amazing thermal bath, reasonable prices, good drinks!. Can’t wait to come back soon! Loved each minute."

Another reviewer said: "I went to the sauna as a tourist, and the difference is [like] when you go to the gym and have an instructor, versus pulling the equipment alone. I felt exactly the same when I participated in specially organised sauna programs, where each specialist has a story about the ritual to be reproduced in the sauna."

A Brit from Bury noted: "Therme is a magical and tranquil experience, I can't stop thinking about it! This tropical ecosystem was everything I dreamed of and more.

"A tranquil paradise filled with spas, saunas, pools, jacuzzi's and a wide variety of rituals and treatments. We booked an entire day, full access, not only did we spend a full 12hrs at Therme but we decided to return for another 12hr day that same week.

"The real highlight included in this ticket are the variety of rituals and treatments conducted throughout the day in the various saunas and other areas of the experience with the hard working and informative staff. Each pool, sauna and steam room outlines exactly what health benefits each bestow."

Anyone attending the spa should bring their own towel and flip flops. If you forget them you can buy the sandals and rent a towel on site;

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