‘I do insane Benidorm stag dos – my partner strips and I serve nuclear drinks’

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    Benidorm is famous for attracting thousands of British tourists every year. You might think this is because it’s cheap as chips and has lots of sun, sand and sea.

    But, Frank "The Stag Man" claims it attracts many because it’s more "extreme" than the UK and people want "something that's a little bit different". Frank moved to Benidorm – which is on the Mediterranean Coast of Alicante, Spain – around 11 years ago and has become somewhat of a legend in the area.

    During our interview he was interrupted plenty of times by friends, fans and former stags. The TikTok star, who posts online @frankthestagman, runs his own stag and hen do company in the city fkitparties.com and this could be why he’s so well known.

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    It could also be because of his partner, Jade Benidorm – the famous former teacher who became an OnlyFans star, sex show performer and stripper. The pair throw some of the wildest parties in Benidorm – and shared some of what their guests get up to while in Spain with Daily Star.

    Frank told us: "I specialise in stag, hen, and party group travel. They don’t just want golf – although I can do that – we do everything.

    "I’m known for taking it to its limits – I do all the extreme strippers, the dwarfs, that sort of stuff. There’s a couple of options, one is the stripper transfer.

    "As it says on the tin, it’s a transfer and a stripper is on board. She will do a show and spend time on the bus naked…"

    Frank’s stripper transfer is often performed by his wife Jade. He noted: "She’s quite famous over here. She’s very, very well known.

    "She does all the extreme strips, and she does things like live sex shows. She’s an absolutely beautiful person inside and out."

    He continued: "The other thing that I would recommend are if you've got a stag group is the extreme stripper. She uses toys and all that stuff – it’s extremely graphic.

    "It’s not like in the UK where it’s all quick flashes and over in a minute! Number two I’d say would be the drag stripper – it’s the same sort of thing where he gets all his kit off.

    "He waves his tackles around in front of the stag’s face and all that. Pretty graphic, but it’s more a stitch up to humiliate the stag.”

    However, it doesn’t stop there with blokes looking to embarrass their mate before his wedding. Frank says they’re often keen to "stitch up the stag".

    He continued: "Other than that – and this ones really really popular. – there’s the back, sack and crack. The stag is sprawled over a table and wax strips are places in the various paces I’ve mentioned.

    "Then they are pulled off. It’s not a nice experience – but it’s one that he’ll never forget!"

    When it comes to hen dos in Benidorm, Frank claims that they’re not so different from the blokes except that they like more "frills" and are "a lot more beautiful".

    He said: "They want all the nice stuff as well – they want the beach parties where we do free drinks and beach barbecues. But, we do a male stripper too – they’re pretty extreme. They won’t just flash and the hens lap it up."

    He added cocktail making classes are popular – as long as they make "absolutely nuclear cocktails".

    There is one thing that Frank won’t do though that he says gets requested "regularly". He told the Travel team: "We get asked a lot for kidnapping, to abduct the stag and throw him in a van.

    "I don’t know where people get that from, but the answer to that is no. You’d be breaking so many laws if that went wrong that you’d be talking about going to jail."

    Frank’s stag and hen dos continue to thrive in boozy Benidorm. And, while he misses family in the UK, he and Jade love the Spanish town.

    He told us: "Every day is strange. But, it’s one of those sort of places that people are happy and they’re enjoying themselves. You’ve got the sun, the climate and I was drawn to being around people that are happy."

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