‘I flew to Ibiza and had a pint – it all was cheaper than crate of beer in UK’

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    Plenty of us are booking our holidays for the year and trying to get a cheap deal – but one bloke managed to get a flight to Ibiza and a pint, all for less than the price of a crate of beer.

    Callum Ryan headed off to the Spanish island and swigged a pint, all as part of a TikTok challenge.

    The 22-year-old did some research and headed over to the supermarket where he spotted 12 cans of Estrella for £15 – and set that as his budget.

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    Callum found a last minute flight for just £10 from London and landed on the island for less than the cost of many UK train tickets.

    Walking around the gorgeous island, Callum said: "I had a little stroll around to find the most popular restaurant and headed straight there."

    Then, the young lad ordered lunch – which he didn’t include in his budget challenge.

    However, he did order a pint of Estrella for €4 (£3.22).

    Callum added: "When the pint arrived, it looked beautiful. The sun was beaming down on my face and I couldn't be happier. But once I'd finished my food, it was time to pay the bill."

    In total, for his flight and pint Callum spent just £13.22.

    That’s pretty incredible considering the average cost of a pint in London is £5.99, according to Finder.

    "We did it! We flew all the way to Ibiza and bought a pint cheaper than a crate of beer," Callum said, kissing the receipt.

    The video, posted on the @thatonecal, racked up tens of thousands of views and plenty of comments.

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    "Guess I'm going to Ibiza then," one person said, while another put: "How do you keep doing this?"

    "Shows how much of a joke the UK is, let's all go abroad," a third commented, and a fourth said: "Killed it."

    Though one user questioned how Callum had got back to London and another said it was "less beer though".

    It's not the first time that Ibiza has been a hit with bargain hunters.

    Earlier this year, a group of six mums headed off to the Spanish island for just one day, returning in time for the Monday school run.

    The six parents spent just 12-hours on holiday after bagging cheap return flights for just £36 on March 26.

    Laura, Danielle, Fay, Rebecca, Danielle and Lauren chose to wake up early and catch the 6am flight from Manchester before landing on the clubbing island for an enjoyable Sunday.

    They soaked up everything they could before catching the plane home at 11pm on the same night.


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