‘I go on naked cruises – I feel so confident and nobody looks at your boobs’

A woman claims she’s re-discovered her love for her body – and stripping off – after taking a nudist cruise. Helen Berriman, 47, bared her naked body on a nude cruise holiday for two weeks and loved it.

Helen and her husband Simon, 47, from Bromley, in London, enjoyed getting naked in such a judgement free environment. The nudist cruise has been running for a number of years and sees thousands book to travel in the buff every summer.

Helen commented: "I used to struggle with body positivity and confidence, but now I am so different. My body is my vessel. The cruise was with a company called Bare Necessities, and it was a ship that accommodates 2,300 people across 11 decks."

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The duo set out on their cruise from Tampa, in Florida, and enjoyed stops in Saint-Martin, St Kitts, Antigua, Turks and Caicos, the Dominican Republic, and the Bahamas. So, thankfully, the sun will have been shining for them!

Helen explained how exactly a nudist cruise works when many countries outlaw public nakedness. She said: "You can be nude anywhere around the ship, apart from when docking in certain ports, and if you wanted to go into any of the formal dining rooms."

We’re glad that they put away their tackle while eating. Plus, it’s apparently "common naturist etiquette" to pop a towel down when you want to sit down somewhere to prevent your nude bum touching the seats.

However, despite loving stripping off on the ship Helen wasn’t always a nudist. She claims it was only when she met her husband in 2015 that she took to the lifestyle as Simon prefers a "clothing optional" life.

At first, she found this disturbing and added: "If he wanted to do it, I just didn’t want to know about it." But, after trying a few times on holiday camps or at activities she discovered something surprising.

At a life-drawing class where the painters were nude too she realised why he liked it so much. Helen commented: "It was my eureka moment, and I finally understood why Simon liked it so much. I felt free. I used to equate nudity to sex and being objectified, but now my outlook has totally changed."

Getting nude helped Helen to love her body again – after struggling with body positivity and confidence. She added: "I only have one skin, and although it’s loose in some places, it fits me nicer than a pair of jeans. I want to help other people feel free and understand that it’s not weird. I think that people relate to me because I also found it odd to begin with."

Nudist holidays have also helped Helen to meet all kinds of new people. She said: “It’s impossible to go to nudist events and feel lonely because everyone talks to everyone.

"They’re talking to your eyes and not your boobs. It is just comfortable. In naturism, no one is objectifying you. No one is leering at you."

Now, Helen works at a naturist resort and the couple plan to continue "living and breathing naturism" on their many naked holidays.

Helen said: "We have a few nudist festivals lined up this summer, [and] We booked to go back to the nudist resort. I’m heavily involved in normalising nudity."

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