‘I want to go back!’ Britons ‘loved every minute’ of summer staycations – where to visit

Simon Calder offers advice on booking staycations for 2021

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Staycations were the trend of the summer and many Britons opted for a UK holiday. While UK prices may have been a shock to some people used to the cheaper overseas prices, it did not dampen the fun for the majority of Britons.

Up and down the country, Britons spent the summer exploring the UK.

A staycation is only a positive for Twitter user Barry James.

He said: “UK holidays have been boosted enormously by those that stayed home and we stopped frying the planet for a while.”

Scotland was a firm favourite with many social media users.

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A Twitter user, Helen, said: “I have just got back from Scotland, I loved every minute of it.”

Also on Twitter, Lisa Kitteridge wrote: “First staycation in the UK for us, so we came up north. Loch Lomond in the [sun]. Visit Scotland”

A woman named Emma was missing the Lake District.

She said: “Missing the lakes from the start of summer. Amazing part of the UK well worth a visit.”

She wasn’t the only one who had a hard time being home.

Kelly Cole also had “post-holiday blues.”

“It’s been three weeks since we came home from Longleat and I still have major post-holiday blues… I want to go back.”

A user named Steedy was already planning his next trip to Brighton.

He said: “Spent a few days wandering round Brighton in the days just before and after the recent bank holiday mod pilgrimage.

“Now looking at scooters myself to be part of the next invasion.”

And he added: “Already planning another weekend.”

Twitter user The Brice Side wrote: “We had a great time in Portsmouth so I’m sure we’ll be back!”

Aled Huw wrote: “Perfect September morning. Cornwall/Cernyw.”

Shirley Ford was a fan of staycations too.

She said: “I love travelling by train to visit family and holiday in the UK.”

User LovefromAnn wrote: “I do love an actual staycation sometimes. As well as a nice UK based holiday.”

Even dogs were found to be having the time of their lives on a staycation.

On Esme the Teacup’s Twitter account, a picture of the dog on a Cornish beach was posted.

The tweet said: “Happier than a seagull with a stolen chip.”
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