Los Angeles invites you to a daily ‘Magic Hour’ movie viewing

It’s the time of day which filmmakers and photographers love. In a movie town like Los Angeles, “Magic Hour” is a point that artists and tourists will wait all day for.

The magic or “Golden Hour” is a term used by photographers to refer to the twilight moment before sunset in which shadows are at their most extreme and colours, their most vibrant.

In a city as famous for its film industry as LA, you can set your watches by it and the activity which follows as a million lenses go out chasing the perfect frame. Well, it was until California became the first US State to issue ‘shelter-in-place’ orders on March 19, to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the Los Angeles Tourism Board has come up with a way to share the epic sunset moment with would-be visitors around the world. Livestreaming footage daily, from the Hotel Erwin on Venice Beach, you will be able to watch the world-famous golden hour at home. After all, LA is a city that takes naturally to screens.

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