Manchester’s most haunted: Would you visit these top ghostly pubs in and around the city

Ghost hunter Mark Vernon visits Derby Gaol

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Greater Manchester is home to almost 2,000 public houses with some having a reputation for having things going bump in the night (and day). From the sightings of a little girl to an evil minister, here are six pubs that will give you chills long after you down your drink.

Albert’s Schloss

Based in Manchester’s city centre, you may recognise this pub for appearing on an episode of Most Haunted.

Before becoming a local watering hole, the building was previously a chapel where the poltergeist of the Reverend Samuel Collier is said to occupy.

Staff at the Bavarian-style beer house have reported feeling something try to push them down the stairs on numerous occasions.

The Bate Hall

This establishment often tops Higgypop’s 100 most haunted locations in the UK and based on other customers and employees, there’s a reason it ranks high.

The current landlord of the Macclesfield pub revealed that their daughter plays hide and seek with a boy ghost named Billy.

As well as a well-stocked bar and hearty food, there’s a lot more on the menu besides, previously described as being overrun with ghosts.

An evil man named Richard is believed to have been carrying out frights and scares for some time though most of the spooky goings on take place down in the cellar.

Keep hold your glass as drinks are known to unexpectedly fly across the room and staff being touched by something unknown.

Peveril of the Peak Pub

Ghosthunters should make sure to add this Mancunian pub to their list, for the ghost that lurks in this joint is described to an unpaid member of staff.

Levitating glasses landing in the pot wash is a common tale told among the locals, making this a less menacing experience for staff.

Peveril of the Peak has also been owned by the same family for the past five decades, make sure you say hello to 91-year-old landlady Nancy if you pop by.

The Ring O’ Bells Pub

This Middleton pub is another that is said to be haunted, not surprising considering it dates back to the 12th century and on the site of an ancient Druid temple.

Regulars have apparently reported sightings of glasses sliding along the bar as well as spotting the actual ghost himself, known as the Sad Cavalier nicknamed Edward.

You know when Ed’s about if you hear strange grunting noises or loud stomping across the floor.

The Shakespeare

This city centre pub is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young girl with varying tales about how she met her end.

Some say that she set herself alight while lighting candles, others say that she was murdered by an evil chef, or others combine the two stories, as it’s is also believed she set herself alight after being attacked by the chef.

There are also tales of the chef hanging himself after attacking the girl and being unable to live with what he had done. Apparently, the rope marks are still visible to this day.


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Ye Olde Man and Scythe

One of the oldest pubs in Britain, this boozer in Bolton is located on Churchgate Street that is said to be home to the spirit of a nobleman.
James Stanley, the Seventh Earl of Derby, James Stanley, whose family are said to have once owned the pub, was executed just outside of this historic building.
The Earl is believed to have spent his final hours here before being beheaded for his part in the Bolton Massacre.
The chair he is said to have sat on is said to still be in the pub to this day.

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