Marbella restaurant allegedly hides Covid outbreak and tells workers to ‘keep mouth shut’

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Spain is one of Britain’s favourite holiday spots and a destination that welcomes thousands of UK tourists every year.

Workers at Bo Banus, a very popular restaurant and bar in Puerto Banus, Marbella, have reported an outbreak of COVID-19 cases in the restaurant, which is allegedly hiding it in order to stay open this summer.

The restaurant welcomes thousands of customers every week, most of them British nationals.

A worker at Bo Banus has spoken exclusively to about the situation, and claims this is a serious risk for both Marbella’s residents and holidaymakers who will be returning to the UK.

“This week, there have been several positive cases among the staff, and the company has decided to remain quiet to keep making money instead of taking care of their employees and customers’ welfare,” Bo Banus’ worker claims.

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“They know customers have been in direct contact with COVID-19 cases and they have decided not to say anything about it.

“They are not following any of the health requirements and procedures they are supposed to after a case is detected,” she continued.

“In Spain, when there is a positive case at the workplace, anyone who has been in contact has to self-isolate for 10 days, which they don’t want us to do.”

When the owners found out about COVID-19 cases among their staff, they allegedly performed quick lateral flow tests on their employees, and after most of the staff tested positive, they allegedly decided not to inform the health authorities or follow any of the stipulated health measures.

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“The restaurant hasn’t informed the customers although they know they have been in direct contact with positive cases.

“They want to keep it quiet for their own benefit,” she claims.

The worker explained she tested positive with Covid herself and after she informed the restaurant, they pushed her to keep working and to “keep her mouth shut”.

“After being in contact with infected staff, I was very worried so I went to take a PCR test myself, which came out positive.

“I asked the restaurant to tell my other colleagues about it and they told me to keep my mouth shut,” she claims.

“I decided to self-isolate because I thought that was the right thing to do.”

Bo Banus welcomed more than 2,000 guests last week, most of them, UK’s visitors.

“This is very dangerous for all the customers that have visited us over the last week,” she said.

“When we approached them asking why they are not following the measures, don’t want us to take PCR test or inform anyone about it, they said they are not planning to communicate this and asked us not to say anything.

“The company is pushing us and we know that if they find out we said what’s going on they will be consequences for us.

“However, this doesn’t stop us from doing it as we know this is a serious risk for a lot of people, mainly foreign customers.” has approached Bo Banus restaurant for comment.

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