Mexican Municipality Issuing Fines, Prison Time for Not Wearing a Mask in Public

Mexican officials announced facial coverings in public would be mandatory in the municipality of Tulum with strict punishments imposed on those who violate the order.

According to The Riviera Maya News, the Secretary of Public Security, Alberto Capella Ibarra, and Tulum mayor, Victor Mas Tah, said during a press conference Thursday the mask mandate was instituted to slow the further spread of coronavirus in the region.

Capella Ibarra revealed that all locals and travelers visiting the region who were found not to be wearing the proper facial coverings would be fined around $400 or face “36 hours of jail time” for their crimes.

To help make the transition to the new legislation easier, the local government in Tulum has committed to distributing around 200,000 masks to citizens in the municipality. Mas Tah said the decision was made as part of an effort to lower the number of confirmed coronavirus cases.

“It is about containing the increase of COVID-19 infections to keep us at the orange traffic light and if possible, advance to yellow,” Mas Tah said during the news conference. Resorts in the region will be responsible for their own mask mandates inside the facilities.

To ensure locals and visitors understand the new rules put in place, information is being distributed in both Spanish and English about the facial coverings and the possible penalties handed down to offenders.

Earlier this week, sources revealed that present restrictions on non-essential travel across U.S.-Canada and U.S.-Mexico land borders are likely to be extended for another month.

In addition, federal authorities in Mexico are preparing to announce a new set of protocols for the country’s beaches during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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