Most expensive city in the world for expats – housing crisis is a ‘real problem’

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The InterNations Expat Insider city ranking asked expats to rate their city based on several important factors. The expats were asked how satisfied they were with their financial situation including their disposable income and the affordability and ease of finding housing.

The most expensive city in the world for expats was the Irish capital, Dublin. The city was ranked last of the 57 destinations.

Four of five expats in Dublin thought the city’s housing situation was bad with over half saying it was very bad.

One expat said: “The housing crisis is a real problem; the rent is simply too high.”

In 2021, average rent in Dublin was €2,016 (£1,732) per month and expats said it can also be hard to find a home.

Over a quarter of expats in Dublin thought it was extremely hard to find a home to rent in the Irish capital.

Almost 80 percent of the expats thought that the cost of everyday living was very expensive in Dublin.

It wasn’t all bad news for the Irish capital. Almost 90 percent of expats thought local people were friendly.

One said: “Ireland’s best asset is the Irish people themselves. They are kind, friendly and open.”

Expats also thought there were good career opportunities in Dublin with 80 percent happy with their job progression.

The German city of Munich was the second most expensive city in the world for British expats.

Over 70 percent of people thought it was hard to find a house as an expat in Munich while over 80 percent thought housing was unaffordable.

One expat said: “Apartment rental prices are ridiculously high for the quality you are getting.”

However, while housing costs were high, most expats thought they did have enough disposable income to cover everyday costs in Munich.

Milan was the third most expensive city for expats and only 39 percent of expats were satisfied with their financial situation in the Italian city.

Two out of five expats in Milan thought their disposable income was not enough to pay for everything they needed.

Over a quarter of expats said they didn’t feel at home in Milan and thought the locals were unfriendly.

The fourth most expensive city for expats was the beautiful city of Vancouver in Canada.

More than a quarter of expats were unhappy with their financial situation in Vancouver while many thought housing was hard to find.

However one said: “I love the peaceful environment, the beautiful surroundings, and the closeness to nature.”

Most expensive cities in the world for expats (InterNations)

  1. Dublin
  2. Munich
  3. Milan
  4. Vancouver
  5. Geneva
  6. Luxembourg City
  7. Paris
  8. Stockholm
  9. Hamburg
  10. Toronto

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