Mum slams parents for ‘pussyfooting’ around kids who ‘shriek’ on planes

Opinion is split about whether a woman is right to have ripped into children screaming and behaving badly on a flight.

The irate passenger turned to Mumsnet to ask whether she was being unreasonable to "despair about parenting" during her travels.

The woman chronicled her travels on long haul flights on which she was driven to the edge by a bunch of kids.

She wrote: "I recently returned from a long haul trip with connecting flights, so was on five planes altogether, reports the Mirror.

"On four of these flights I was around children whose parents just seemed to pussyfoot around them and seemed unable to control them."

On the first flight the two-year-old was "extremely loud" and let out "continuous shrieking, disrupting his sister," and was "disturbing everyone around him".

The following flight the little girl refused to sit in her seat and stayed in the aisle during landing,

During her third flight, a boy stood up and jumped around his seat, causing her tempers to fray.

While on her fourth flight, kids were "shouting at each other across rows and over people's heads".

The woman asked her fellow online mums whether such behaviour was normal, and if she was in the right to be annoyed by it.

Some commenters suggested that she should have been more sympathetic.

"Personally I think adults should have more patience," one said.

Another wrote: "Expecting toddlers/ preschoolers to travel well on a flight is pretty naive."

Most people – perhaps those who themselves have been annoyed by the behaviour of children on flights before – were on her side.

"Flights are boring for kids but that is no excuse to let them run riot," one person remarked.

Another wrote: "We managed numerous plane journeys with three small children and never once let them annoy other folks."

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