New Zealand world’s most desirable passport amid Covid-travel chaos

The New Zealand passport is now the most valuable travel document in the world according to recent ranking by the Passport Index. However this top positioning comes amid general travel chaos, as the coronavirus pandemic closes borders around the world.

The Kiwi passport was placed in joint first, alongside Japan which both grant visa free travel or visa on arrival to 118 countries. New Zealanders find themselves in possession of the world’s most desirable passport at a time when the data is showing a dramatic decrease of mobility and travel.

The Passport Index which compiled the ranking for 200 travel documents described the dramatic movements in this year’s rankings as a “collapse of global mobility”. The pandemic has upset a half decade-long trend of annual increase of increased mobility for all passport holders.

Visa-free travel which had been increasing at an average of 4.55 per cent a year has been wiped out in a matter of months. The report on mobility during the Covid-19 crisis published to shows that the ability of travellers to access other countries contracted dramatically – World Openness Score (WOS) falling by 65 per cent since the end of 2019.

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