Niagara Falls: Take a photo tour of the iconic park

Slide 1 of 20: Niagara Falls, arguably the most famous and most visited waterfall in North America, is part of the nation’s oldest state park.
Slide 2 of 20: Niagara Falls is impressive from any angle but especially from a bird’s eye view. This photo looks downriver with Horseshoe Falls in the foreground joined by American Falls, from which the Niagara River flows northward toward Lake Ontario.
Slide 3 of 20: American Falls, as seen from Canadian airspace. An average of 75,750 gallons of water per second plunge over the American Falls. You can see Goat Island on the right.
Slide 4 of 20: The base of American Falls, as seen from the Maid of the Mist tour boat. Water cascades over the fall at 32 feet per second, producing a thunderous sound.

Slide 5 of 20: The Maid of the Mist preparing to depart. The popular tour boat provides visitors with a close look near the base of American and Horseshoe Falls. Passengers are dressed in blue rain jackets. These days, they also receive PPE gear to lessen their risk of contracting COVID-19.
Slide 6 of 20: Americana Falls, as seen from the top deck of the Maid of the Mist. It you make the trip, prepare to get wet.
Slide 7 of 20: The Maid o the Mist approaches the base of Horseshoe, or Canadian, Falls.
Slide 8 of 20: The Maid of the Mist passes the foot of American Falls and approaches Horseshoe Falls. One of the most impressive things about the boat trip is the overwhelming roar from the falls.
Slide 9 of 20: Horseshoe Falls, seen here from Terrapin Point, produces a tremendous amount of spray and mist, which largely hides a Canadian tour boat.

Slide 10 of 20: Bridal Veil Falls, as seen from Niagara Falls State Park.
Slide 11 of 20: American Falls, left, and Bridal Veil Falls can both be viewed from the observation platform on Luna Island, which separates them.
Slide 12 of 20: Horseshoe Falls, American Falls and the Rainbow Bridge. The Niagara River is split by Goat Island above the falls.
Slide 13 of 20: Niagara River is seen north of Goat Island, as it approaches the cusps of American Falls.
Slide 14 of 20: Luna Island, accessible via a short walkway from Goat Island, provides a narrow viewing platform between American and Bridal Veil Falls.

Slide 15 of 20: American Falls from Luna Island. The view is looking north into the Niagara Gorge.
Slide 16 of 20: The Falls viewing area is well designed with safety in mind. But personal items lost over the boundary walls and rails remain are beyond reach.
Slide 17 of 20: American Falls, as seen from Niagara Falls State Park.
Slide 18 of 20: An aerial view of American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls. At the top of the photo is Luna Island, which is accessible from a walkway from Goat Island, which separates the two drops.
Slide 19 of 20: Niagara Falls State Park and the city which shares its name and closely linked. The park and falls and easily accessible from downtown. The view from the mist of American Falls is from the Giacomo, a historic high-rise hotel and apartment building on First Street.
Slide 20 of 20: Pat Proctor, vice president of marketing and sales, often mans the window and greets customers at Rainbow Air, which offers helicopter tours of the falls spring through fall, weather permitting. Flights are popular so come early.
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