One in four holidaymakers have come home to a disaster – like a home break-in

A quarter of holidaymakers have come home to a disaster, such as a flooded house or stolen packages – and nearly one in five (18 percent) even had their home burgled while they were away. A poll of 2,000 adults, who’ve been away in the last five years, found 15 percent had their garage broken into while they were gone.

Other issues included food going mouldy after forgetting to clear out the fridge, failing to put the bins out, and not remembering to cancel a delivery subscription.

As a result, 78 percent wish they had something or someone to check on their home when they’re not there.

Dave Ward, managing director of UK, EU & International at Ring, which commissioned the research, said: “Having an extra layer of security at home when you go away on holiday can help give worried or anxious travellers added peace of mind.

“Investing in smart home security allows holidaymakers to check in on their home while away.”

The study also found 38 percent of those polled take extra security measures in their home before going away travelling.

More than a fifth (21 percent) feel nervous about leaving their place unattended, and 14 percent say they would struggle to go away for longer than a week.

On average, people would start to fret about the contents of their home after just five-and-a-half days away.

And 38 percent currently have a smart security device with a camera installed at home – with 15 percent of these claiming they check them frequently.

When travelling, the top concern adults have is forgetting something important at home (33 percent), followed by the weather wherever they’re headed (27 percent).

But 22 percent stress about forgetting their passport – with home break-ins fourth on the list (also 22 percent).

And 35 percent even claim the stress of getting ready for a holiday puts them off taking time away, according to the figures.

Paul McKenna, hypnotist and international best-selling author, who worked with Ring on the campaign, said: “Travel anxiety is a common fear that people have – often relating to being away from your home.

“There are several behavioural techniques people can use on themselves, or even loved ones, to manage anxiety – either ahead of travelling, or whilst travelling.”

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