Pacific Islands bubble: Travel memories of a Fijian island paradise

When I close my eyes, I can still hear the strum of the guitars.

It’s been more than three years since I moved back to New Zealand after a stint living in Fiji, and – up until this year – I was successfully making a yearly return.

Fiji captured my soul. It’s not just one thing that defines the island paradise. It’s a combination of the vibrant tropical landscapes, the generous Fijian hospitality, the island vibes that instantly relax you, the warmth of the air absorbing all of life’s stresses. Every time I return, the islands replenish a part of my wellbeing. Ironically, during a year when this is needed more than any other time of my life, I’m unable to visit.

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I remember one particular trip to one of the Mamanuca Islands with a girlfriend who was visiting from New Zealand. Living in Fiji meant I was spoilt for choice for island day trips, and yet this trip always stands out. Two blonde besties with a shared desire for a good catch up, a bit of adventure and to soak up all the “vitamin sea” we could manage.

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