Paralympic gold medallist Kadeena Cox recalls her travel adventures

Paralympic gold medallist and I’m A Celebrity contestant Kadeena Cox on why Tokyo is her favourite Olympic city and how she can’t travel without her laptop (to watch Love Island on)

Kadeena Cox checks in to our travel Q&A

This week Paralympic champion Kadeena Cox checks in to our travel Q&A.

She shares the highlight of her Tokyo trip this summer, and more… 

Earliest holiday memory?

Having to share a tent with my sisters at a holiday camp in Scarborough — I’m one of seven — and we argued every night. I’m not a big swimmer though, so was scared of going in the sea.

First trip abroad?

Going to Jamaica in my early teens with my family. My mum comes from the Jamaican bush, which is very rural, and we cooked food on an outdoor stove. I also met my grandad for the first time.

Favourite Olympic city?

Probably Tokyo because I got to see both a traditional village, with its beautiful houses, on the edge of town, and the big city where it was ‘Lights, camera, action!’ It really wowed me.

Highlight of your Tokyo trip? 

Besides winning my gold medals, watching the sun set over Mount Fuji. That was pretty amazing.

And what about Rio in 2016?

My family, who accompanied me, visited Copacabana Beach, Sugarloaf Mountain and the Christ the Redeemer statue — but I was competing until the final day of the Paralympics so didn’t have a chance to do any sightseeing. But I had a few caipirinhas before flying home.

Are you a good flyer?

I don’t like flying, but try to get some shut-eye. Luckily, I can sleep anywhere.

Kadeena recalls watching the sun set over Mount Fuji when she visited Tokyo for the Paralympics

Top travel beauty tip?

I always carry powder and eyeliner to put on my face in case I’m looking sleepy at the end of a flight.

Favourite hotel?

The Royalton White Sands Resort in Jamaica. It’s got a beautiful beach by the sea, the rooms are huge and there is a fantastic gym.

Can’t travel without?

My laptop so I can watch some trash TV, be it Love Island or Married At First Sight UK. I also need my training kit, so I can do my daily gym session.

Kadeena reveals her dream destination is Machu Picchu, the famous archeological site in Peru

Where next?

I’m going to St Lucia next year. What will I do there? Lie by a pool and chill out!

Dream destination?

I was hoping to visit Machu Picchu for my 30th birthday last year, but it didn’t happen due to Covid. Hopefully, I’ll make it out there someday soon … 

  • Kadeena Cox supports Citi’s Paralympics campaign, which aims to change perceptions of people with disabilities. See

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