Plus size traveller’s top tips from avoiding ‘chub rub’ to booking aisle seats

A fashion and travel influencer has revealed her top tips for staying comfortable as a plus size holidaymaker.

There are plenty of uncomfortable experiences that can happen to you on holiday – from feeling too hot to being cramped into tiny plane seats.

But, some aspects of travel can be trickier for plus sized people.

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Roxanne, 31, from Sydney Australia, has previously spoken about how she’ll never stop travelling even if there are aspects that are difficult such as people staring.

The content creator shares stunning photos of her journeys around the world on Instagram, @thechroniclesofwander.

Now, she’s opened up to share her best advice for plus sized travellers so they can make the most out of their holidays.

Roxanne told Daily Star: “My top tip is investing in a good pair of sneakers, especially for Europe. Skechers and Reebok are my go to brands.

“Those cobblestone streets are no joke, don’t be out there spraining an ankle just to look cute.

“For summer a good pair of comfortable sandals, the Aussie brand Twoobs are my favourites and are adjustable for people with wider feet.”

Comfy feet? Check!

Roxanne added: “This might sound a bit odd but a good pair of anti-chafing shorts to stop the thigh chub rub. I can speak from experience this is not a discomfort you’d like to put up with whilst on holidays.”

And, of course, she notes that it’s important to ensure you can access healthcare.

Roxanne added: “Travel insurance is an absolute must, and I would not travel without it in these current times.”

Also, remember that there are accommodations that can be made to keep you safe and comfortable.

Roxanne said: "The most difficult thing for me is probably flying. Airplanes only have so much space and economy seats aren't known for their spaciousness.

"On my most recent journey to Italy I definitely found the space to be quite cramped, but making sure I have an aisle seat and moving around or stretching really helped.

"Having to ask for a seat belt extender for the first time was quite daunting but the cabin crew were very kind and non-judgmental towards me."

When recommending places to travel, Roxanne can’t praise Hawaii enough for those who worry about other people’s reactions.

She said: “I found Hawaii quite accommodating to plus size people. I was actually able to find shops that had my size range and the clothes were actually cute and trendy.

“I am assuming this is because the USA caters the most to plus size people, especially women. I also saw the most diversity in bodies from shapes, sizes and colors there.

“It was heartwarming to see my fellow plus sized people embracing their lumps and bumps and enjoying the beach life.”

Meanwhile, she notes that you may experience some tricky moments in Rome or Japan.

Roxanne explained: “I did find that in Italy, especially Rome, I got stared at a lot. But that could be because I was walking around with a pink tulle skirt in winter and doing twirls for my camera.

“Another place that even though I loved was sometimes a challenge, was Japan.

“Generally speaking Japanese people are a lot more petite, so I sometimes found fitting in spaces like bathrooms a challenge. But I would still say these places are perfectly fine to travel to for plus sized people.”

What’s your top travel tip? Tell us in the comments below…


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