Prince William: Duke reveals his hopes for the future of travel in heartwarming confession

The Duke of Cambridge and his father Prince Charles have always been very vocal about their passion for the environment and the impact of climate change. He spoke to the BBC in a video interview with his wife, Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge about how the reduction of air travel since the coronavirus lockdown has had a “positive” impact on the environment.


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William revealed that he hoped that travel might change after the coronavirus and make businesses think about how they conduct their meetings.

When asked about societal changes that are taking place and the positive impact on the environment, the Duke took the opportunity to discuss how attitudes to travel could change.

He told the BBC: “Absolutely. That is a positive, isn’t it?

“I mean, the environmental impacts of no one travelling around the place has made a huge difference, I think all around the world.

“And it will be interesting after all of this whether a lot of businesses and a lot of people will realise that actually being able to video conference is just as good and just as easy a way to manage business.

“Rather than having to jet halfway around the world just to have a face-to-face for a couple of hours and come back again.”

He then added that, in his opinion, businesses should take advantage of the technology available.

He added: “I’ve always thought that was lunacy, really, why on earth we do that when we’ve got the technology nowadays to do things?

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“Why don’t we conduct more business at home?”

“Obviously, there are plenty of businesses that rely heavily on face-to-face and those should continue.

“But I do hope, post this, that there is a new way of working and people are sensible and a bit more challenging in terms of how they travel and when they need to.”

The Royal Family are no strangers to travel, often jetting abroad and around the country to attend royal engagements.

But one member of the Royal Family has travelled around the world more than any other.

The Queen is known for being the most travelled head of state of all time.

Over the years she has managed to garner a huge amount of air miles which has surpassed a million.

In fact, she has travelled 1,032,513 miles which is the equivalent of 42 journeys around the entire length of the Earth.

She took most of her trips in the 1970s when she visited 48 different countries.

These countries included the likes of Canada, Fiji, Malaysia, New Zealand, Barbados and Australia.

In total, she has visited 110 countries which has earned her the right to join the Traveller’s Century Club which represents travellers who have visited 100 or more countries and territories.

Meanwhile, the average Briton will visit just ten countries in their lifetime.

Her longest trip was a 44,000-mile tour of the Commonwealth in 1953.

Currently, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) are advising Britons to not travel internationally unless it is “essential”.

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