Queen Elizabeth travels with special ‘good luck’ charms for Prince Charles & siblings

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Queen Elizabeth II, 94, has flown around the entire world’s circumference a reported 42 times in total during her years travelling. As monarch, it is her job to travel to far off countries to represent the United Kingdom.

Over the years, when doing so this has often meant leaving her children behind at home.

However, it seems she always keeps them close to her heart by incorporating something special for each of them into her hand luggage packing list.

In fact, even though they are now all grown up, it is said she still carries special good luck charms for each of her four offspring.

According to reports, these include a selection of miniature horses and dogs, as well as family photographs.

One of these photographs is said to be of Prince Andrew taken on his safe return from the Falklands war in 1982.

The Queen also has eight grandchildren, including Prince William and Prince Harry.

Though her grandchildren are also seemingly very important to her, it is not known if they too have their own special good luck charms.

As you might imagine, Queen Elizabeth’s handbag is full of mystery, with very few actually being given the opportunity to sneak a peek at its contents.

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In various interviews, royal experts have shared some insights into what might be hidden within.

These include lipstick, a compact mirror, lozenges and a tissue.

However, the handbag is not just used for storing trinkets and lipstick.

In fact, one of the reason’s her Royal Highness travels with a handbag is not to store items, but rather to give off secret messages to her staff.

According to royal historian Hugo Vickers, Queen Elizabeth is able to send signals to her staff about how she is feeling by the way she holds her bag.

This is particularly helpful when making state visits and attending special events, such as large dinners.

Mostly, she carries her handbag on her left arm, due to preference and comfort.

However, if the monarch switches arms, it is likely something is up.

Moving her bag to her right arm while in conversation is a suggestion she hopes to bring the discourse to an end in a polite way.

Mr Vickers told People magazine: “It would be done very nicely.

“Someone would come along and say, ‘The Archbishop of Canterbury would very much like to meet you.’”

It is also said her bag can be rather significant when sat down at a state dinner too.

Her handbag spends most of the time hanging from a portable hook which is fixed to the underside of the table.

According to The Telegraph, however, if it is placed atop the table, it is likely the Queen is hoping to wrap the meal up.

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