RareWater fly fishing company connects anglers with private landowners

Coloradans wrestle with the public water versus private land conundrum regularly. Stream access laws aim to protect property owners from — among other things — outdoor enthusiasts trespassing on private land to fish in the public water. It leaves swaths of river nearly untouched, but a new company is working to connect private landowners with anglers in a mutually beneficial relationship.

RareWaters fashions themselves as the “Airbnb of fly fishing.” The company, launched in 2020, connects landowners with river access to fly fishers eager to find a stretch of river less crowded than somewhere publicly accessible.

“Public watersheds (are) getting a little overcrowded, overpressured and overrun, which isn’t good for the fish, it’s not good for the habitat, and not good for the water,” said Denver-based RareWaters founder Brenden Stucky. “And it’s not good for the angling experience. So we’re trying to kind of flip the script and provide special experiences at an affordable rate.”

About 30 property owners account for 60 miles of river listed with RareWaters, and the company said they are on track to offer 100 properties by the end of the year. Their site lists two sites in Carbondale and one in Glenwood Springs, at the $150-$180 per angler rate.

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