Research finds best and worst days and times to catch a flight at UK airports

Ahead of summer many Brits are worried about flying abroad on holiday.

Many UK airports have been hit with enormous queues stretching out of the gates alongside cancellations and delays.

So, now more than ever holidaymakers want to make their trip as comfortable as possible.

And, while we can never know if a flight will be disrupted, there is data that shows the best and worst days and times to fly in 2022.

Plus, the biggest problems faced by holidaymakers travelling through airports – of which wait time was the most common cause of dissatisfaction.

HappyOrNot, who run the well known ‘smiley face’ consumer feedback terminals found in airports and retail spaces across the world, have analysed over 4.5 million customer feedback data points from airports in over 30 countries worldwide.

And, they’ve used this to provide travel insights ahead of the busy summer tourism period.

Data from the first quarter of 2022 revealed that the best day of the week to fly is Wednesday, while Sunday is the worst.

The best time to fly is 8am which got 86.6% positive feedback.

And the worst was midnight which saw only 77.3% positive feedback.

Meanwhile the happiest day, Wednesday, received 84.5% positive votes.

But, the least happy day, Sunday, saw only 81% positive feedback.

The data showed that the most common complaints at airports were wait times, 35.4% negative votes, customer service, 22.5% negative feedback, and staff friendliness, 9.1% negative feedback.

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Miika Mäkitalo, CEO of HappyOrNot, commented: “After years impacted by travel restrictions, many tourist destinations are opening their doors to guests again this summer.

“With an expected boom in summer holiday travel, we wanted to examine the experience of travelling through the airport – which can vary from being a smooth, enjoyable start to the holiday to being a frazzled, unpleasant few hours.

“By releasing these findings, we hope to equip travellers with the knowledge of when might be best to fly and the times they should probably avoid, as well as equipping airport operators with passenger experience data insights to be aware of as airports get busy again.”

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