Resort fees are still around. Here’s what to know if you’re planning a trip in 2021.

Remember what travel was like before COVID-19? You didn’t have to wear a mask or get your brain probed by a Q-tip to take that much-anticipated Hawaiian vacation. 

Unfortunately, one aspect of travel that COVID-19 hasn’t changed is resort fees. These extra charges on your hotel bill, which are supposed to cover amenities, are alive and well. They can run as high as an extra $50 a night at some Las Vegas properties.

Caroline Lupini, credit card and travel analyst with Forbes Advisor, says resort fees typically cover things that hotels used to offer free – especially to elite members of the hotel’s loyalty program.

For example, resort fees will typically cover free Wi-Fi, gym and pool access, pool towels, a daily newspaper or a shuttle, though Lupini says they vary by hotel. 

“These extra services really are not worth the extra cost – resort fees are a way that hotels can get more money by hiding part of the cost of staying at the hotel,” Lupini says. “Of course, if you book a hotel with a pool, you should expect to have access to the pool.”

Understand comparisons can be tricky

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