SAS Australia: Rugged location where hit TV show is filmed

Faced with cold, rugged and gruelling conditions, celebrities taking part in Channel 7’s hit new show SAS Awustraliahave experienced no holiday – despite the hit show being filmed on the outskirts of a popular tourist town.

The 17 celebrities, who face the toughest physical and mental challenges of their lives, are being pushed to their limits in an “undisclosed” location in NSW.

But it turns out that the base camp and challenge location of the hit new reality show is actually in the foothills of the popular Snowy Mountains region.

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SAS Australia filming location. Picture: SAS Australia/InstagramSource:Channel 7

SAS Australia used a sheep station in Berridale, near the popular tourist town of Jindabyne for filming. Picture: SAS Australia/InstagramSource:Channel 7

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The recruits, who include former Bachelor Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins and convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby picked up filming of the hit show in Jindabyne, otherwise known as snow-lovers hideaway during Australia’s winter months.

The climate in Jindabyne, where temperatures rarely reach double digits in winter when filming took place, was the perfect location to add another element to the challenge.

With no access to hot water or flushing toilets, and minimal bedding during -5°C overnight temperatures, contestant Ali Oetjen said the wind chill that typically fans snowfall for ski-lovers caused “physical pain” for the recruits.

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The rugged filming location of SAS Australia. Picture: Channel 7Source:Channel 7

“We were issued a backpack with everything we needed. No hot water, no showers, no flushing toilets. Sleep & food deprived, riddled with adrenaline, fear & exhaustion,” the former Bachelorette told Who magazine.

“The physical pain like cuts on my throat, hands all cut up, blistered feet, black & purple bruises which covered my legs and arms weren’t the worst thing. The WORST thing was the cold & calming my mind to keep going!”

The bedding is a far cry from the surrounding hotel luxury that can be found in nearby Jindabyne. Picture: SAS Australia/InstagramSource:Channel 7

Any comfort was stripped from the bunkers. Picture: SAS Australia/InstagramSource:Channel 7

“Freezing temperatures ALL the time with no respite, being wet with the chill winds made it so much worse. -5 to 8 degrees!”

Each recruit is issued a Bergen, which is essentially a backpack containing every item recruits need to survive their stay in Australia’s wilderness.

From a helmet, chest harness, sleeping mat, tarp, towel, water bottle, knife, mess kit, mug, toilet roll, sanitising wipes, sunglasses and even a head torch, each recruit is issued a bed which is a simple camp cot with one sleeping bag and an army blanket to keep warm during subzero temperatures.

Local water temperatures, such as Lake Jindabyne in the Snowy Mountains, dip to around 4°C on average. Picture: Destination NSWSource:Supplied

With local water temperatures hitting just 4°C on average, the actual filming location is on an isolated sheep station on the outskirts of Berridale in the Snowy Mountains of NSW, according to Channel 7, with the crew staying locally in Jindabyne while filming. It is understood the show’s base camp was erected for the show.

Roadtrips between Berridale and Adaminaby in the Snowy Mountains region of NSW is a popular route.Source:Supplied

Jindabyne is the closest town to the ski fields of Perisher and Thredbo, and in the months the show was filmed (July-August) the region is typically filled with school holiday-makers on skiing holidays.

Despite the family-friendly appeal, Jindabyne is a very up market place and is much more expensive than the other towns like Berridale (where the base camp was actually built) or Cooma.

Berridale, while a popular hub for skiers in winter, is also a popular summer base, being close to Lake Jindabyne and Lake Eucumbene and the magnificent landscapes of the Monaro Region for swimming and hiking. has contacted Channel 7 for comment.

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