Seaside town is just like the Mediterranean and one the UK’s ‘most beautiful’

The Mediterranean is renowned as the largest global tourism destination, home to the likes of Malta, Greece, Italy, Croatia and Cyprus.

Known for its idyllic coastlines and glistening blue waters, the holiday hotspot is popular with sun-seeking Britons throughout the summer, but trips abroad often come at a premium.

Price comparison site TravelSupermarket found that all-inclusive deals for some of the most sought-after Mediterranean destinations, including Spain, Greece, and Cyprus, have risen by almost 12 percent.

However, according to travel-savvy holidaymakers, there’s no need to splash out on flights and accommodation overseas to enjoy a slice of the idyllic region.

In fact, “hidden gem”-seeker, Charlotte Stacey (@lotteboo), claimed that Dartmouth, Devon is a close match.

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In a video shared on her Instagram profile, the avid traveller suggested that it was the “closest thing to a Mamma Mia summer”.

Charlotte said: “Head to Dartmouth, one of the most beautiful seaside locations in the UK.”

To give fellow Britons a full Mediterranean-inspired itinerary, she even listed off six things every visitor should do if they decide to venture to the coastal spot in the warm weather.

Of course, the first thing Charlotte recommended was to pay a visit to the beach, Blackpool Sands.

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The travel expert claimed that the shoreline boasts some of the “cleanest, clearest water in the country”. Set on the western bank of the estuary of the River Dart, visitors can also enjoy the long narrow tidal ria that runs inland as far as Totnes.

While the idyllic coastline is not to be missed, the Instagram blogger also urged Britons to pay a visit to the castle.

And those seeking a more “unique” perspective of the historical landmark can even hire kayaks to head out to sea and view it from the ocean.

To get a full taste of the Mediterranean without leaving the country, finding nice places to eat and drink are also a must.

The keen traveller recommended a spot named “Platform 1”, which is grade II listed Great Western Railway platform that was converted into a champagne bar.

According to Charlotte the “upmarket” spot is perfect for those celebrating a special occasion, and happens to have “the best views of the River Dart”.

A trip to a local seafood restaurant is also a must while in Dartmouth, and visitors should have no problems finding the freshest, local produce on the menu.

Lastly, the travel blogger urged those with a little more time on their hands to head further afield to nearby Salcombe to enjoy breathtaking views of the harbour and local gems that surround it.

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