‘Sense of achievement’: Wild camper explains why she always goes back to camping

Would YOU spend a night CAMPING on a CLIFF?

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When planning a camping trip, most Britons will automatically research campsites. However, there are other options. From back garden camping to private camping and wild camping, Britons don’t have to pitch up next to dozens of other families.

Experienced camper Grace Kelly said: “When I’m camping, I like the solitude and I like that I’m going to be on my own.

“I haven’t really stayed at many official campsites because I don’t want to be around 20 different tents.

“It’s the solitude and the peace and I think that’s what most people look for when they’re going wild camping.”

Wild camping is illegal in most places, but not everywhere.

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And some campers are also happy to just take a chance and hope for the best.

Grace wild camps on top of mountains, and Snowdonia is her “favourite place to camp.”

“The views are just beautiful and that’s where I did my first ever solo wild camp, so it’s a bit sentimental as well. I have very good memories there.”

There are very few chances someone would ask her to just move along in the middle of the night while on top of a mountain, but wild camping is more than just a free place to stay for the night.

Grace explained why she goes back to camping all the time.

When Express.co.uk asked her “why camp”, she said: “I ask myself that question every time.”

However, she also explained: “It’s something to do with being out in nature.

“I love my home comfort, I love my hygiene, I have a nice warm shower every morning.

“I wasn’t sure whether camping would be for me.

“But it’s that feeling of waking up in the wild, in nature, and being outdoors and popping your head out of your tent and looking at the stars.

“Even if you’re cold and you’re tired or it’s raining, you wake up and you have that sense of achievement.

“It’s the most incredible experience. It’s just you and nature, you can’t get that if you’re in an Airbnb.”

And while it is certainly possible to do just “that” at an official campsite, it’s just not the same.

“If somebody is wanting to go on a wild camp, they’re looking for that solitude in my opinion.

“You’re not surrounded by people and you still have the element of being wild.

“Solitude, peace and being in the wild, that’s what it’s all about.”


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