Simon Calder gives essential passport tip post-Brexit as people ‘fall foul’ of rules

Simon Calder discusses post-Brexit passport rules for travellers

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Since the UK left the EU, there are several new travel rules for Britons. British travellers must check their passport before going on holiday.

Simon told Rip Off Britain: “Europe has some special rules that apply to countries which aren’t in the EU.

“And that is why particularly British passport holders are now subject to the rule that your passport should not be issued more than 10 years ago.

“Ultimately it comes down to you, the passenger, needing to ensure that your passport is valid for the destination country.

“If it was issued less than 10 years before your departure date, if it’s got three months to run after you return, then it’s valid for travel.

“There is no such thing as a six month rule for travel to Europe and very sadly some people have fallen foul of a rule that doesn’t exist and never has.”

One Briton David told Rip off Britain that he felt “cheated” after being unable to go on his holiday.

He said: “These rules are not straightforward and a lot of people are losing money.”

David was heading off on an all-inclusive holiday to Majorca after a two year break from travel during the pandemic.

He’d booked a holiday with Jet2 and used the app to check-in to enter his passport details and information.

But when he arrived at the airport he was suddenly told there might be a problem with his passport.

He said: “I’d checked the passport a hundred times. I knew it was definitely mine and it was on date.”

David was told his passport did not meet the new requirements for British passports post-Brexit.

He said: “I couldn’t believe what happened.”

David was convinced that something was wrong and started doing his own research on the rules.

Jet2 told David it was a customer’s responsibility to check they have the correct documents.

As David’s passport had been issued over 10 years ago, it didn’t matter that the expiry date was later.

Jet2 told Rip Off Britain it always follows Government advice on the rules and on the date of David’s departure it was following the current advice.

British tourists do not need a visa to travel to the EU but they cannot stay for longer than 90 days in a 180 day period.

Their passport must have been issued in the last 10 years at the time of entry to the EU and must be valid for at least three months when they leave.

Britons are advised to renew their passport as soon as possible if it is close to being outside the rules.

Some travellers have faced lengthy delays on passport applications due to a build-up following the pandemic.

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