Simon Calder warns Britons over ‘cheese sandwiches’

Why You Can’t Take A Cheese Sandwich To Europe

British tourists could have their cheese sandwiches confiscated at the border due to new post-Brexit rules.

Travel expert, Simon Calder, issued a warning for British tourists when he spoke to Lorraine on ITV earlier this week.

Simon said: “Cheese sandwiches, ham sandwiches, you can’t take them to Europe. We asked when we left the European Union to be treated as third country nationals.

“We left the single market and that means you can’t take cheese sandwiches or ham sandwiches.”

The travel expert warned Britons that sandwiches have been confiscated in the past and could be this summer.

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Simon added: “And also the frontier people might say ‘Lorraine, can we see your bank statement?’

“Literally they might ask you that. They might also say ‘where’s your ticket home and where are you staying as well?’

“All these questions that we asked to be subject to when we democratically left the European Union.”

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Border staff are allowed to ask tourists to prove they have enough money to be in the EU.

They may also ask British tourists for the name and address of their accommodation and to see their ticket home.

Since the UK left the EU, British tourists are able to stay for 90 out of every 180 days in the bloc.

‌If Britons overstay this limit they could be detained, fined or even banned from entering the EU.

British tourists must get their passport stamped on entry and exit to the EU to prove how long they have been there.

Britons can find the latest travel and entry rules for their destination on the UK Government website.

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