Spain tourism tax: How much it is and areas where tourists have to pay a fee

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British tourists holidaying in Spain will have to pay a tax in some areas. How much do Britons have to pay?

Balearic Islands

Spain’s stunning Balearic islands are some of the UK’s most popular summer holiday destinations.

Tourists staying in Mallorca, Menorca or Ibiza are charged between one and four euros (85p-£3.39) a night.

The charge will vary depending on the type of accommodation a tourist opts for, with campsites and hostels normally the cheapest.

Money raised from the tax is supposed to go towards protecting the environment and sustainable tourism.


One of Europe’s top city break destinations, British tourists will need to pay a tourist tax to stay in the city.

The tax applies throughout the region of Catalonia but is highest in Barcelona ranging from one euro to 3.50 euros (85p- £2.97).

Tourists will pay more to stay in a luxury hotel than a three star hotel or hostel under the tax rules.

Cruise passengers are also subject to a tax which should be covered within the price of the holiday.

Costa Blanca

The Valencian Government has plans to introduce a tax in the region which includes the popular resorts of Benidorm and Alicante.

The tax would operate on a similar basis to ones in other areas of Spain, with tourists charged more based on type of accommodation.

However, resorts would be able to choose whether to implement the tax and many have said they will not.

Benidorm tourism officials have said it will never have a tourist tax and said it was planned by people who “hate tourism”.

How to pay tourist tax

Tourist taxes are normally paid at a guests’ accommodation. Hotels will include the tax within a bill.

Some holiday companies may include the cost of the tourist tax in the price of the total holiday.

Britons will be able to ask for an itemised invoice to check that the tax is included in the holiday.

Other tourists may need to pay the tax on arrival at their accommodation and will be told how much.

Tourist taxes are introduced for a variety of reasons. The Catalonia tourist tax is used to expand “tourism-related infrastructure”.

It also helps to cover the maintenance of beach promenades or popular tourist areas in Catalonia.

The Balearic Islands have a tourist tax to help protect the natural environment and promote sustainable tourism.

However, some British tourists may decide they want to visit a different destination rather than pay the tax.

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