Spain, Turkey, Portugal and Greece voted as best value holidays for Brits

The Post Office Holiday Money report has found that Greece, Portugal and Turkey are the best value destinations for Brits according to holidaymakers.

They rated better value than Bulgaria – the cheapest location according to the worldwide holiday costs barometer.

Spanish resorts took the top two places in a Post Office poll to find the destinations that past visitors thought offered good value.

Spain’s Costas were given a 92% rating, while the Canary Islands scored 91%.

Almost as many gave good value approval ratings to Greece (89%) and Portugal (88%).

Plus, 88% also felt that Turkey offers good value – good news for 2022 visitors because Turkey is one of the few destinations where sterling will stretch further than last year!

Britons changing £500 can expect to receive over 50% more in Turkish lira – the equivalent of almost £167 extra.

However, despite often being the cheapest country on the Post Office Holiday Costs Barometer, Bulgaria didn’t make the top 10 best value locations according to Brits.

The barometer looks at eight common tourist purchases including drinks and meals to find the locations with the lowest cost for the lot.

With an 80% good value rating, Bulgaria came in at number 12.

The destinations receiving the lowest good value ratings were Dubai (44%) and Scandinavia (42%).

However, British visitors to Scandinavian countries – which includes Denmark, Norway and Sweden – will get more for their cash this year.

Pounds sterling are up 4.7% year-on-year against the Swedish kronor (£22.42), 2.6% against the Norwegian krone (+£12.59) and 1.6%against the Danish kroner (+£7.88).

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