The best destination for British expats in Europe named

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The InterNations Expat Survey asked expats to rank their home based on several key factors such as housing and affordability. While Bahrain topped the global rankings, an Eastern European country was Europe’s top entry.

Best countries for expats (InterNations)

  1. Bahrain
  2. UAE
  3. Singapore
  4. Estonia
  5. Oman
  6. Indonesia
  7. Saudi Arabia
  8. Qatar
  9. Kenya
  10. Canada

Estonia in Eastern Europe was ranked as one of the best countries for expats in the world and topped the continent.

Expats found it easy to settle in Estonia and around eight in 10 said they had no difficulties with the local authorities.

Around 80 percent of expats said they had found it easy to get a visa to move to Estonia, compared to a global average of 56 percent.

A British expat said: “I really like how easy it is to live here. Services are usually (though not always) free of bureaucratic difficulties and demand less paperwork than in the UK.”

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Estonia topped the rankings when it came to the ease of using Government services online and also ranked highly on cashless payments.

The small country is known as a startup hub and has been the birthplace of several successful ventures including Skype and Bolt.

Estonia did fall down the rankings when it came to learning the language which over 60 percent of expats found hard to learn.

Despite that, nearly 80 percent of expats said they were able to get around without speaking Estonian.

Many expats in Estonia live in the country’s picturesque capital, Tallinn, known for its cobblestoned Old Town.

The pretty city is a top destination in summer and winter and has several historic attractions worth visiting.

Expats can also take inexpensive cruises to Stockholm and Helsinki from Tallinn if they want a short city break.

Britons will be able to find cheap budget flights to the UK if they want to return to visit family or friends.

At the other end of the scale, Germany was rated the hardest country in the world to settle in while Italy also performed poorly in Europe.

Greece, Czechia, France and Malta were the other European countries to end up in the bottom end of the table.

Expats struggled to find housing in Germany while many found French hard to learn and had difficulties opening a bank account.

The language was another huge obstacle for expats living in Czechia while Italy slipped down the rankings when it came to bureaucracy.

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