The Cotswolds: Americans forking out the cash for ‘hot property’ in the country

Cotswolds: Idyllic village in England toured

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The Cotswolds are known for their chocolate box cottages, picture perfect villages, beautiful countryside and more than a famous name or two. For all these reasons, the area is one of the favourite holiday spots for Britons.

But Britons are not the only ones who have realised the Cotswolds are a holiday haven.

Wealthy American families are buying up cottages in the region, and the price seems not to matter.

Following in the footsteps of the rich and famous, overseas buyers are purchasing properties in the “brand destination”.

Renown all over the world, the Cotswolds have become synonymous with the quintessential English countryside.

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Famous names such as Kate Moss, the Beckhams or even David Cameron have made sure the area was associated with affluence, glamour and privacy.

An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Cotswolds have everything anyone could wish for in a holiday destination.

Historic villages, independent shops, beautiful nature that provide plenty of opportunities for an exploration of the great British outdoors…

Over 800 square miles and five counties, the Cotswolds have captured the world’s imagination.

The Cotswolds have been featured many times in films and TV, only raising its status as a brand for overseas buyers.

From Bridget Jones’s Diary to Downtown Abbey, Harry Potter to James Bond, most people will have seen part of the Cotswolds on film at one point or another.

All this contributes to the popularity of the area, and there have been reports of multiple buyers for each house.

Overseas buyers are even purchasing without having seen the properties, relying on video tours before forking out the cash.

With prices going up to more than one million pounds, the Cotswolds aren’t the cheapest of location to buy into the English countryside “lifestyle”.

The average price of a house in the area is half a million pounds.

Lucy Challenger, founder of luxury domestic recruitment agency Polo & Tweed, said: ”The Cotswolds is hot property at the moment.

“Everywhere like Chipping Norton, Stow-on the Wold, Lower Slaughter, all round this area we have a huge amount of families re-locating.”

She said she’s seen many wealthy American families relocate in the area.

All this is good news for local staff who can negotiate their rates, but British buyers may look to the new influx with less enthusiasm.

The Cotswolds have long been synonymous with celebrity homes and it’s never been the cheapest area to buy a holiday home in.

But demand may raise prices, on top of seriously diminishing supply.
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