The New and Improved Four Seasons Hualalai Unveils the Incredible Kumu Kai Marine Center

In addition to the massive aquarium packed with vibrant marine life, King’s Pond is now home to an elevated swimming pool and lounge area. (Four Seasons Hualalai/)

When Four Seasons Hualalai reopened its doors to the world in December, following an expansive and expensive overhaul, there was a variety of new aspects for guests to be excited about. For starters, the resort’s rooms and suites boast new furnishings and spacious designs, all while maintaining the important connection to local culture and history. And the Hualalai Golf Hale might just make this the premier destination for vacationing players of all experience levels.

But when it comes to redefining the family-friendly nature of a Hawaiian getaway, nothing tops the Kumu Kai Marine Center. The already popular King’s Pond swimmable aquarium is now even more enticing with the addition of a lounge deck and elevated swimming pool, but it’s what guests can do here that will really take vacations to a new level of fun, excitement, and educational value.

A variety of new activities makes King’s Pond the place to be for any young travelers looking to possibly become marine biologists. (Four Seasons Hualalai/)


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Home to more than 1,000 fish and 90 species, the 1.8-million-gallon King’s Pond will allow small children to be overjoyed as they feed the inhabitants and help the center’s experts identify the vibrant marine life. Young guests will also have the chance to meet Kainalu, the resident spotted eagle ray that can be hand fed in special private family encounters. Kids 12 and up can even serve as Junior Marine Biologists and assist with collecting and recording data.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. With five marine biologists on staff, truly curious families will have the rare opportunity to “rent” their own guide on off-site canoe, paddleboard, and charter tours and learn all about Hawaii’s incredible ecosystem. Or stay on-site for a private eco-tour of the King’s, Ho`onanea, and Waiakauhi Ponds.

While the resort may have a new look and a vast array of creative amenities and experiences, it also still offers one of the most beautiful beaches around. (Four Seasons Hualalai/)

Of course, families that make this resort their top choice for the ultimate Hawaiian getaway should also want to enjoy the most spacious accommodations. The three villas—Hawaii Loa, Makaloa, and Ho’onanea—were already standout choices, but come summer 2021 they’ll be even more extravagant with each adding a second story and debuting brand-new designs.

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